Enjoy your wellness break now with our last-minute offers or our packages.

Enjoy your wellness break now with our last-minute offers or our packages.

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Arrival 27. April 2024
Departure 04. May 2024

Enjoy your wellness break now with our last-minute offers or our packages.

Enjoy your wellness break now with our last-minute offers or our packages.

Let's meet the team!

The Gerstl family

Lukas Gerstl

My mother always said I was a wildly curious child. From an early age, I peered into my father's cooking pots in the kitchen and tasted one cream or another. So it was no surprise that I decided to do an apprenticeship as a chef. I completed my apprenticeship at the Belvita Hotel Lindenhof in Naturno, where I was able to learn a lot for my future life.  It was clear to me that I wanted to continue running my parents' business: that was in December 2009.

My motto in life: I love professional challenges and tackle them.

My favourite place in the region: Enjoying the Vinschgau mountains with our Fiat 500 Elektro and making a stop at Lake Reschen.

I am happy when: I can spend time with my wife Marion and our daughters Gioia Marie and Stella to show them the big world. In this sense: "The world is a book. He who never travels sees only one page of it." Augustine Aurelius (354 - 430).

Where can you find me at DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat: At the reception, talking to our guests, in the marble bar planning with our architect, in the office I love tidying up my desk (that's where my wife differs from me...), on Tuesdays at our r30 aperitif on the panoramic terrace, on Thursdays at the kitchen party or around the house doing a check-up - simply wherever I am needed.

My secret tip for your feel-good holiday at Das Gerstl: The hike from Schlinig village, turn left and continue to Monterodes is a real highlight and a small but manageable challenge for our alpine-loving guests.

Marion Gerstl

I grew up in the Parc Hotel am See located directly at the Lake Kaltern/Caldaro. For many years I worked there and supported my parents and my brother in the management of the Hotel and led the reception. I always engaged for the developement of the tourist region Kaltern/Caldaro at the Lake and the southtyrolean tradition of hospitality. For love I moved in the Vinschgau/Venosta Valley. My husband Lukas and our two daughters Gioia Marie and Stella are my big personal fortune. At my new home, the Hotel DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat, I feel endless happiness contributing all my experience and cordiality.

My motto: Give hospitality in that way I want to get it myself as guest.

My favourite place in the region: During my regular hikes to the alpine pasture Schlinig/Slingia I find tranquillity and can collect my thoughts. At the same time I can enjoy together with my daughters a piece of homemade cake or the tasty cheese dumplings on cabbage salad there.

I am happy when: I see that our guests but also our team feel well together because a harmonic working atmosphere is transferred to our guests.

Where can you find me in the Hotel DAS GERSTL: In the reception of the Hotel DAS GERSTL, on the breakfast buffet, in the Gerstl Shop, in the Venosta Spa or with the houskeeping fairies in the several floors – I‘m enthusiastic for different sectors in the Hotel. Variety makes every day different and interesting.

My insider tip of what you should not miss on a holiday at the Hotel DAS GERSTL: A Lomi Lomi Nui massage at our Venosta Spa.

Sarah Gerstl

I grew up together with my siblings Jürgen, Marion and Lukas in the hotel - at that time still Gasthof Gerstl - and we always had contact with our hotel guests even as children. After graduating from the hotel management school in Merano, I worked in various hotels and did internships in South Tyrol and on the Adriatic coast. Afterwards I completed the training as a health trainer in exercise and nutrition in Innsbruck. Since 2012 I have managed the hotel reception at DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat - together with my brother Lukas and my parents. In the meantime I have become a mum for the 2nd time and our Felix (born 2020) is a big brother. Our Frieda (born 2023) perfectly complements our family happiness and I enjoy the baby break at home.

My favourite place is the Oberettes Hütte after a hike across the Saldurseen. In winter I enjoy ski touring or snowshoeing.

My insider tip for your active holiday at Das Gerstl:
The Uinaschlucht in the Schlinigtal and the Oberetteshütte in the Matschertal at the top of my list.

Where can you find me at DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat: At the hotel reception talking to our guests, at the new 3D hiking table where I like to give personal hiking tips, sitting in the back office I like to look ahead and fiddle about the next marketing strategies or where else I am needed.

What I love about my job is that I work where others go on holiday - what could be better!

My motto: The world belongs to the one who enjoys it. Giacomo Leopardi (1798 - 1837)

Susanne Gerstl

When I was young, I learned the tools of the hospitality trade in various Swiss hotels. There I also met my husband Martin and together we returned to South Tyrol. In May 1978 I moved from my hometown Planeil to the opposite side of the valley and we got married in 1984.

My area of responsibility here is very varied and you will find me everywhere in the hotel: whether at reception, on the telephone, in the garden watering flowers or having a nice chat with our guests. I especially love the contact with our regular guests, who have witnessed our development over the last 50 years.

My favourite place: My little relaxation round starts directly from the hotel down to the Marienberg monastery - the highest Benedictine monastery in Europe - at 1,340 m altitude and back to the hotel via the Klostersäge. This hike can be done by anyone, in just under 90 minutes.

I am happy when: my eight sweet grandchildren Gioia Marie and Stella, Sophie and Elias, Nina and Moritz as well as Felix and Frieda are with me and I can tell them stories.

Where can you find me at DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat: chatting with our guests at the marble bar, eating cake with my grandchildren, at the computer, answering your holiday enquiries and supporting the reception team or wherever else I need help.

My insider tip, what you should definitely not miss on your holiday at DAS GERSTL: Enjoy the sunrise directly from your hotel room - simply fantastic.

Martin Gerstl

My parents ran a simple wine tavern here on the mountain. Together with my 10 siblings, we grew up here between guests and haymaking. Even as a little boy, I was always in the kitchen with my mum, who fed our guests hearty meals. After working in various hotels in Switzerland and Austria, I learned how to cook and took over the growing Gasthof Gerstl together with my wife Susanne. With our children Jürgen, Marion, Lukas and Sarah, there was never a dull moment.

Since handing over the business to our son Lukas, I have been active as a hiking guide - in summer and in winter with the snowshoes - and enjoy the nature around the Upper Vinschgau.

Where can you find me at DAS GERSTL: In the garden with the flowers, whether cutting, fertilising or watering, with the support of our caretaker team, in summer hiking in the beautiful valleys such as the Langtaufer valley or the Rojental valley in untouched nature or in winter on the popular snowshoe hikes with our guests, where I always have a schnapps with me.

Favourite spot in the region: relaxing on the terrace of the Sesvennahütte after a ski tour, hike or bike tour with a Hefeweizen.

My insider tip, what you should definitely not miss on your holiday at DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat: A hike to the Sesvenna Hut and on to the Uina Gorge - an old 900 m long rock path and at the same time smuggler's path into Switzerland, built in 1918. Also a great bike tour.

I am happy when: I am on my bike on the beautiful Vinschgau trails.


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