Enjoy your wellness break now with our last-minute offers or our packages.

Enjoy your wellness break now with our last-minute offers or our packages.

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Arrival 16. December 2023
Departure 23. December 2023

Enjoy your wellness break now with our last-minute offers or our packages.

Enjoy your wellness break now with our last-minute offers or our packages.

Gerstl Generations Code

Sustainability is written in capital letters at DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat

Sustainability at DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat, or as we call it - attentiveness - is about so much more than just saving paper and turning off the lights. Attentiveness is firmly enshrined in our corporate philosophy. Broadly speaking, it is about keeping our nature fit for our grandchildren - a living space in balance and for well-being.
The Gerstl Generations Code, or GGC in short, is our promise to the future! Each and every one of us is able to become more sustainable in a multitude of ways, for example by focusing on renewable energies, reducing how much water we use, minimising waste and using local products. We take great care to ensure that the environment is impacted as little as possible and that the ecological consequences are minimised. Our greatest challenge is to raise awareness and to incorporate the GGC into everything we do.

Guests can also help to reduce the hotel's ecological footprint by taking small measures, such as not changing towels unnecessarily.

All in all, sustainability represents an important challenge, but it also brings with it many opportunities to positively contribute to the protection of the environment and to raise awareness of sustainable lifestyles.

Regional responsibility
Ecological responsibility
Social responsibility
DAS GERSTL Generationen Kodex
Regional responsibility

Regional responsibility

We conserve resources and are careful stewards of our environment. Our guiding principle here is that we must not consume more of the earth's resources than can grow back. By working together with local farmers and producers, we promote the local economy and thereby optimise regional cycles.

Gerstl's r30 guarantee

We have been actively committed to sustainability for eight years now and source our products as well as food in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. The Gerstl’s R30 Guarantee (At Home Guarantee) stipulates that all products labelled with our R30 seal originate from within a maximum radius of 30 kilometres. We attach particular significance to using only genuine products from our immediate surroundings and short transport routes. Our commitment to regionality and seasonality is clear.

r30 cosmetics

We only use our R30 cosmetics line at the Venosta Spa, featuring products enriched with organic herbs and refreshing mountain spring water from the region. We make a conscious decision in favour of simple elegance in design and avoiding unnecessary packaging.

Local exchange

Where do our fruit and vegetables originate? Regional, fresh and health-conscious enjoyment is something that is particularly important to us. We place emphasis on local exchange and regularly visit the R30 farmers together with our Unique Team in order to gain a detailed insight into the cultivation and harvest. We invite an R30 producer to our hotel once a week so that we can introduce the products to our guests and invite them to sample.

Creation of jobs

We offer young people the opportunity to complete their apprenticeship training here with us and make every effort to prepare each and every one of them in the best possible way for their apprenticeship exams.


Healthy vitamins are particularly important during winter and we have found a wonderful solution for this in collaboration with the talented Vinschgau women farmers: a total of around 5,000 kg of richly varied fruit and vegetables are preserved by hand over the summer months with loving care.


Approx. 15,000 kg of high-quality R30 products are processed in the hotel kitchen every year. These include fresh vegetables such as crisp cabbage, juicy carrots and freshly harvested lettuce, which are delivered from the farm in the morning. The finest fruit, such as sweet strawberries, juicy apricots, aromatic cherries and enticing raspberries are also carefully selected and processed.


We get through 55,000 free-range eggs every year in our hotel kitchen, sourced from happy chickens raised by our R30 producers.

Ecological responsibility

Ecological responsibility

Ecological responsibility entails people being aware that their actions have an impact on the environment and that it is their duty to keep this impact as low as possible. When it comes to reducing CO2 output and consistently saving energy, we make positive contributions across a wide range of fields.

Water management

We put our faith in an innovative residual water recycling system, which purifies the water in our pools and whirlpool baths using special filter technology and in doing so, prepares it for the next use.

6l We also help our guests to save water. Our toilet flushes feature a notice button automatically limiting the amount of water used to 6 litres and helping to reduce water consumption. Our showers and washbasins also have a flow restrictor.

€ 1 For every bottle of water served at our hotel, we donate to a water project for the improvement of drinking water in Italy.


100 The output of our hotel's own photovoltaic system is 100 kilowatts and satisfies a large part of our energy needs; in addition, sustainable energy is generated by the Obervinschgau Hydroelectric Power Plant.

120 The equivalent of 120 trips around the world is the amount of CO2 saved by our woodchip and pellet system.


Der gesamte Hotelumbau erfolgt nach Biobauweise und natürlicher Wärmedämmung (Holzfaserdämmung) in enger Zusammenarbeit mit lokalen r30 Bauunternehmen.

The entire hotel conversion is being implemented using organic construction methods and natural thermal insulation (wood fibre insulation) in close cooperation with local R30 construction companies. For instance, we have chosen sustainable organic flooring made of plant oils and chalk with healthy and ecologically safe properties for our Venosta Spa and in the Energy Room.

Waste management

Our breakfast buffet uses as little packaging as possible, since most of the products are supplied by regional R30 suppliers, with short transport routes. We use degradable cling film in the Gerstl kitchen to cover our food. There is a special colour code system for all waste separation in the hotel. This is how we protect the environment and the health of our guests.


We place emphasis on environmentally friendly e-mobility and provide a total of 11ultra-modern e-bikes as well as 9 practical electric charging stations.  1 highlight is our trendy Fiat 500 Convertible in the electric version.



The Gerstl Hotel APP eliminates the need to print up to 10,000 sheets of paper and go through numerous ink cartridges. This APP replaces many printed media such as the Morning Post, wine list, bar menu and room folder.


Green Cleaning

We are 100% committed to using chemical-free and hygienic cleaning agents when cleaning our rooms and suites. Our method is based exclusively on steam, which is considered a natural and sustainable cleaning agent.

€ 2

We make donations to the "Together against the bark beetle" research project initiated by the State of South Tyrol every time a guest declines room cleaning. This is how we aim to contribute to the preservation of nature and its inhabitants.


We save 10,000 pairs of bathing slippers in terms of waste if we hand out bathing slippers upon request directly at check-in.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

What we do not only has an impact on our environment, but also on society as a whole. It's about working towards the common good, equality and the possibility of equal opportunities for all. It's about supporting our Unique Team's health and keeping them fit, since detecting something early is still the best prevention.


Our Unique Team represents a community that focuses on health and well-being. We are proud of the fact that our employees benefit from MySanitour, the health fund for employees in tourism in South Tyrol. We contribute a voluntary share to the pension fund as an employer, while our employees receive benefits for dental visits or for buying glasses. This is how we can ensure that our Unique Team stays fit and healthy. There is also the opportunity for everyone to use the fitness centre free of charge at special times and to participate in hotel hikes in their free time.

Gerstl Credits

They are collected by our employees when they practice sustainability and engage in carpooling, attract new R30 producers or support charitable activities - to name just a few examples.
As a benefit, we also lend out our e-bikes or our electric Fiat convertible so our employees can enjoy an entire day of well-being.


We recognise the importance of family, which is why we provide our employees with vouchers for family members and friends to stay as guests at our hotel or receive other benefits: a chance to experience the working environment of their loved ones.


Our Unique Team is made up of 70% talented female employees, who we value very much.

Monetary benefits

Our Unique Team enjoys monetary benefits such as exclusive discounts at our partner hotels, including the renowned Belvita Leading Wellnesshotels South Tyrol, the Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol and the Leading Spa Hotels.

Further Training

We place great value on the personal and professional further development of our employees. That's why we offer every individual the opportunity of getting a taste of other departments, to progress or to take part in further training. We take on part of the costs so that we can support our employees in the best possible way.

Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025


We have been a member of the Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025 since January 2021, making an active contribution to global climate protection: as a member of Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol, our passion for nature is shared, something that is particularly close to our hearts.
The Vitalpina Hotels is the first hotel cooperation committed to having its own carbon footprint calculated so that it can become as climate-neutral as possible.
The guideline here is the two-degree Celsius target set by the United Nations as a contribution towards solving the world's climate problems. The data has been analysed and our DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat has offset CO2 emissions amounting to 317 tonnes and, among other things, supported the climate protection project - with solar cookers back to the green island in Madagascar.

Various factors are used to determine the emissions. We have compiled a lot of detailed data such as energy, electricity and water consumption, consumption of detergent in our laundry facilities, catering for guests and staff meals, printed materials and paper consumption, electronics such as all the computers and monitors in our offices, the numerous staff journeys and much more. We organise car pools among our employees so that they do not emit too much CO2 when they travel to the hotel to work, and we offer those employees who have further to travel home the opportunity to spend the night at the hotel in the staff rooms provided for this purpose.
Our aim is to use these analyses to reduce our ecological footprint in the future and make a greater contribution to our environment.

We have always placed great emphasis on sourcing and purchasing our products in the most sustainable way possible: Products and foods that are produced and processed without alteration in the direct vicinity, together with short transport routes. Our R30 At Home Guarantee is our way of bringing our guests and our team even closer to conscious indulgence, which is why we are constantly expanding our range of products and services.

South Tyrol's tourism:

certifies sustainable.

The Sustainability Label South Tyrol is based on the criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), which were developed to provide a uniform understanding of sustainable tourism.
These criteria can be divided into four different areas: Management, Socio-economy, Culture and Ecology.
The sustainability label enables destinations and accommodation/gastronomy businesses to make their commitment to sustainable development visible to all. Because sustainability is a long-term path, there are three levels of the label, which are checked by an audit. For each level, different criteria have to be fulfilled, whereby the third and highest level corresponds to the GSTC certification and is thus internationally recognized.

Relax and enjoy at best conditions


Honeymoon special at Das Gerstl

03.06.2023 - 10.03.2024
  • from 3 nights
  • Look forward to many romantic extras...

The most beautiful day in your life is followed by the most beautiful holiday of your life: the honeymoon. Spend your first holiday as a newly-married couple with us at DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat and enjoy your wonderful togetherness.

from € 667,00 per person

SHORT STAY - Special Winter

26.12. - 27.12.2023
  • 1 night
  • Your wellness happiness in the Vinschgau Valley

Start your holiday with the most beautiful wellness and pure enjoyment. At the DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat you will spend 1 day you will remember for a long time!

from € 222,00 per person

4=3 Winter & wellness package

07.01. - 12.01.2024 | 21.01. - 26.01.2024 | 28.01. - 02.02.2024 | 25.02. - 01.03.2024 | 03.03. - 08.03.2024 | 10.03. - 15.03.2024
  • 4 nights for the price of 3
  • varied weekly programme including active holiday offers

Clean fresh mountain air and a stunning view - that is what holidaymakers at the DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat appreciate the most.

from € 666,00 per person

7=6 Skis and Snowshoes Package

14.01. - 21.01.2024 | 28.01. - 04.02.2024 | 18.02. - 25.02.2024
  • 7 overnight stays for the price of 6
  • varied weekly programme including active holiday offers

Enjoy sunny days and great views on the slopes of the Watles mountain and skiing area or go snowshoe hiking in a wonderful world of white.

from € 1.176,00 per person

Regular guest week

04.02. - 11.02.2024
  • stays of 7 days or more
  • up to 10% reduction for overnight

During regular guest week, you will receive, for stays of at least 7 nights, a reduction of 10% off the room price.

from € 1.111,00 per person

r30 spring special

17.03. - 22.03.2024
  • 5 nights
  • Everything to do with R30: baking bread, visiting a winery and farm...

We consciously ensure that largely everything our guests enjoy with their senses at DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat is produced by local producers from within a 30 kilometre radius.

from € 905,00 per person

Summer Special 4=3

05.05. - 09.05.2024
  • 4 nights
  • 4 nights at the price of 3

Spend a few relaxing days in the Venosta Valley - in May it is especially worth! Sit comfortably on our panorama terrace and look directly at the blooming valley and the snowy mountain peaks.

from € 636,00 per person

Summer Special 5=4

12.05. - 17.05.2024 | 09.06. - 14.06.2024
  • 5 nights
  • 5 nights at the price of 4

Treat yourself to a feel-good holiday in a class of its own!
Sit comfortably on our panorama terrace and look directly at the blooming valley and the snowy mountain peaks.

from € 789,00 per person

June highlight 7=6

02.06. - 09.06.2024
  • 7 nights
  • 7 nights at the price of 6

Fill your lungs with fresh mountain air, feel the refreshment in Gerstl's water world and take time to relax and dream...

from € 1.080,00 per person

Up to the three-thousand metre peaks

07.07. - 14.07.2024 | 01.09. - 08.09.2024
  • 7 nights
  • incl. 3 guided summit tours over 3,000 metres in altitude - be there!

Summit tours with durations of 7 hours are a part of the programme during this mountain week, and the best thing about it is that, with Andreas, our hiking guide, you will reach three 3,000-metre peaks in the Upper Vinschgau on three different days.

from € 1.434,00 per person

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