on 03 June 2023

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Arrival 25. March 2023
Departure 01. April 2023


on 03 June 2023

We are available for you from
Secure top packages
in the summer. 

Enjoy your wellness break now with our last-minute offers or our autumn packages.

Focus on regionality

Gerstl's r30 guarantee

Locally-sourced, fresh, healthy – responsible indulgence at DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat

Locally sourced, full of flavour, and brought fresh to your table. The most authentic produce from as close by as possible.
We’ve been striving for a long time now to find the best locally produced goods and the most aromatic foods that have genuinely been produced and manufactured in our most immediate surroundings.
South Tyrolean delights have always been important to us at DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat, but our  guarantee is our way of ensuring that our guests are among the most environmentally responsible guests!

 Gerstl’s r30 Guarantee

We, your hosts the Gerstl family, have introduced a real “At Home Guarantee” with the R30 seal. A product with this seal guarantees that it has been produced within a range of no more than 30 km. Our aim is to demonstrate our commitment to locally sourced produce and to seasonality!

Lukas Gerstl, together with his team in the kitchen, is responsible for selecting the finest suppliers from the region. It is a key concern for all of the Gerstl family that by selecting suppliers from our area in the most meticulous and environmentally-aware manner, we are also able to support the farmers and wider agricultural community in our valley. The shorter transportation routes also help protect the environment. All regional produce at Das Gerstl Alpine Retreat is labelled with the so that our guests can immediately recognise that it is locally-sourced.

A few of our products bearing the r30 seal

  • Cheese from Englhorn in Schleis – Mals and cheese from the local mountain pastures
  • Our bread: Pear bread (made from the Williams Christ pear variety which is exclusive to South Tirol), apple bread and other breads from the Angerer bakery in St. Valentin, Jörgl bakery in St. Valentin and Schuster bakery in Laatsch
  • Honey from the Vallelunga
  • Vegetables: Niederegghof in Schlanders, Moleshof in Prato allo Stelvio and Wallnöfer Günther di Laudes
  • Our eggs: migratory hens from Malles, Oberfrinighof from Tanas and Blaas Paul from Graun
  • Apple chips and apple juice from Kandlwaalhof in Laas
  • Herbs, elderflower and mint from our very own Gerstl garden
  • Depending on the season: Asparagus from Kastelbell, strawberries from Silandro or Schlinig, apricots from Laas and more besides
  • Calvenschlössl vineyard in Laatsch including the highest vineyard in Europe: Marienberg vineyard, 1340 m
  • Noble drops from our R30 wineries: Marinushof, Köflgut, Rebhof in Kastelbell and the Befehlhof in Vetzan
  • Secci Distillery in Mals

Find out more about our R30 producers!
Order some of our R30 products to your home!

The “At Home Guarantee” at our Venosta SPA

At Das Gerstl, the R30 guarantee doesn’t stop with our culinary delights, but extends to the wellness treatments on offer in our Venosta SPA, which are also adorned with the seal in our SPA brochures. Indulge yourself in a smoothing apple-marble exfoliation with healthy and vitamin-rich apples from the Vinschgau and oils from the Kräuterschlössl herb farm in Goldrain, or relax and unwind during a Vinschger Sheepswool Cocoon with wool from farmers around the Mals area.

Unsere R30 Philosphie - © ORF Tirol Alle Rechte vorbehalten.


Strengthening regionality

Our r30 producers & partners

Kuntrawant Coffee

The word “Kuntrawant” derives from the Italian noun “contrabbando”, which means “smuggling”. This reference is no coincidence, since a lot of coffee was smuggled from the Grisons to the Vinschgau Valley until the 1970s. Josef Gander from Prad am Stilfserjoch continues this extraordinary history of the coffee trade in the Vinschgau and roasts "smuggler's coffee" as a matter of passion. Taste his coffee at our hotel bar.


Genuss Gruber

The "Genuss-Gruber" is already in its 2nd generation of producing and selling bacon, salami and other South Tyrolean specialities, which you will also find in our "Stone cellar".


Fisolgut Hof

Have you already tasted our spicy and crunchy bread? It is homemade and comes from the Fisolgut-Hof in Schlanders!



The herbs come from the Edelweiss-kingdom of the Stilfserjoch National Park. Many Alpine herbs are reaped and refined with passion. Enjoy a cup of original Vinschger tea in our spa, in our hotel bar or in your room!



Enjoy high-percentage tipples of pleasure, produced with much love and patience in the family distillery in Laas.



A passionate love of wine is what gives rise to passionate wine here.



Apple juice tastes naturally sweet, is refreshing and rich in vitamins and minerals.
And what's even better: every sip you enjoy is freshly pressed in Schluderns, a short distance from DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat!


Are you wondering where our delicious dried fruit gets its intense flavour? It is produced in Laas at 900 m above sea level!



Continuing along the sunny side of the Vinschgau Valley, the Marinushof's highly limited area is perfectly suited for growing grapes. The vineyards found there are the ideal location for Burgundy varieties – see for yourself!



The Angerer bakery only uses ingredients from the region to make its bread. Most of the grain is home-grown or procured from local arable farmers.



You will find specialities from the confectionery and handmade special breads made according to our own recipes using natural basic ingredients. Give it a try!


The Wagyu cattle from Langtaufers are fed solely on hay and grow very slowly; meat connoisseurs hold them in high esteem for their fine marbling and unrivalled meat flavour!

Relax and enjoy at best conditions


Honeymoon special at Das Gerstl

21.02.2023 - 10.03.2024
  • from 3 nights
  • Look forward to many romantic extras...

The most beautiful day in your life is followed by the most beautiful holiday of your life: the honeymoon. Spend your first holiday as a newly-married couple with us at DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat and enjoy your wonderful togetherness.

from € 667,00 per person

Fiat convertible special

03.06. - 17.09.2023
  • Bookable from 3 nights
  • Discover the Vinschgau Valley with our Fiat convertible

It's time to treat yourself to many specials at DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat!

from € 797,00 per person

Dream Combination Mountain & Lake

03.06. - 31.10.2023
  • 4 nights “Mountain offer” & 3 nights “Lake offer”

Hiking adventures and enjoyment of water at a high level for your perfect “Sensation of South Tyrol”

Regular guest week

10.06. - 25.06.2023
  • From 7 nights
  • Up to 8% price reduction for regular guests, 5% for new guests

The Vinschgau Valley with its unique landscape is always worth a visit. This is something you have long recognised as a regular guest. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to welcoming you again soon at the DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat.

from € 1.117,00 per person

R30 summer special

02.07. - 07.07.2023
  • 5 nights
  • Everything to do with R30: baking bread, visiting a winery and farm...

The R30 philosophy of Das Gerstl ensures that you experience the ultimate in South Tyrol during your summer holiday! All products that come from within a 30 km radius are labelled with the r30 seal at DAS GERSTL,, the guarantee for regionality.

from € 980,00 per person

Mountain lakes hiking week in July

09.07. - 16.07.2023
  • 7 nights
  • incl. 3 guided hikes to the most beautiful mountain lakes

Passing blossoming mountain flowers, your guided hike accompanied by our hiking guide Andreas Pobitzer will take you through lush green Alpine meadows, where you can listen to nature and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

from € 1.374,00 per person

Up to the three-thousand metre peaks

27.08. - 03.09.2023
  • 7 nights
  • incl. 3 guided summit tours over 3,000 metres in altitude - be there!

Summit tours with durations of 7 hours are a part of the programme during this mountain week, and the best thing about it is that, with Andreas, our hiking guide, you will reach three 3,000-metre peaks in the Upper Vinschgau on three different days.

from € 1.374,00 per person

r30 Autumn Special

01.10. - 06.10.2023 | 05.11. - 10.11.2023
  • 5 nights

Our passionate effort is, that the delicacies and products that you enjoy in the DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat are produced as far as possible by farmers and manufacturers located within a maximum radius of 30 km from the hotel.

from € 980,00 per person

Regular guest week

08.10. - 22.10.2023
  • From 7 nights
  • Up to 8% price reduction for regular guests, 5% for new guests

The Vinschgau Valley with its unique landscape is always worth a visit. This is something you have long recognised as a regular guest. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to welcoming you again soon at the DAS GERSTL Alpine Retreat.

from € 1.104,00 per person

Golden autumn 7=6

22.10. - 29.10.2023
  • 7 nights for the price of 6
  • We’ll give you one night free!

We are convinced that autumn is the most beautiful period for hiking tours. In no other season is the visibility so clear! The sun shines from morning till evening and makes the colourful trees shimmer in a dreamlike golden tone.

from € 1.056,00 per person

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