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Forest Bathing: Let go and immerse yourself in the natural wonder of the forest

Forest Bathing: Let go and immerse yourself in the natural wonder of the forest

If your body, mind and soul desire relaxation, if you feel restless and exhausted, then forest bathing is just the right "medicine".

Forest bathing originated in Japan in the early 1980s in order to promote a connection to nature among the population. From then on, it was successfully practised there and also in South Korea. It involves a leisurely walk in the forest, which is carried out very slowly and quietly. The slower you walk through nature, the more impressions you can gather and the more you succeed in decelerating.

It is about consciously experiencing nature, which is why this walk does not have a destination, but the path and the walk itself form the actual intention. You choose one of the countless trees, lean against it and enjoy the feeling of being held by it. Or you embrace it: gently or powerfully - depending on how you feel. This is how its energy is transferred to people, and this is what forest bathing is all about.

Branches lying on the ground are placed on the ground in such a way that a small picture frame is created and only the part inside the frame is then observed in peace and concentration. There, where one would otherwise only walk through quickly, there are so many wonderful things to discover. A colourful leaf decomposing and reconnecting with nature, a busy ant on its way to its burrow, a fresh green blade of grass sticking out of the ground and a nutshell cracked by a squirrel. Wonderful things created solely by nature.

Another forest bathing exercise is to choose a stone, take it in your hand, hold all your personal worries in front of your eyes and transfer them to the stone. Afterwards, the stone is simply put down together with the worries...

Sometimes it takes very little to find inner peace, you just have to be willing to go for it! At the Alpin & Relax Hotel Das Gerstl****S, forest bathing is offered weekly during the summer and winter months. A wonderful way to recharge your batteries and restore your inner balance.

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